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Reports and applications

Applications may be submitted to the Jury of the Prize by any individual citizen, in a personal capacity or as a representative of an organization. It is compulsory to indicate the name, surname and personal data of the candidate. In the absence of these data, the Jury will not examine the report.

Various types of reports may also be made (regarding cases, territories, historical periods, references) in order to allow the Jury to go into further detail, if there are no names already identified for possible applications, but rather "situations and contexts" that could be of interest for the objectives of the Prize.

It is mandatory to indicate the name, surname and data of the reporter. In the absence of these data, the Jury will not examine the report.

To send a report fill in the attached application form and send it to: segnalazionicandidature@premiogiorgioambrosoli.it

Applications and reports are strictly protected in accordance with current privacy laws and will be accessible only to the five members of the Jury, the four Advisors of the Jury and the Ambrosoli family, until any formal designation, which will take place only after the consent of the candidate or his family.

For any request for information, special circumstances to be reported in addition to the codified procedures or other communication regarding candidatures and reports:


The contact person is Giuseppe Imbrogno.